A renewable resource from sustainably managed forests

PermaPine are located in the heart of the largest plantation forest in the Southern Hemisphere, an ideal location to have a large wood processing plant. This ensures a year round supply of good quality logs.

All of the logs we process are sourced from plantation grown radiata pine, which has consistent quality, density, and strength. The forests are managed sustainably to ensure a continuous log supply. Our log suppliers’ management practices have been certified by international agencies as being sound and sustainable.

Radiata Pine Trees
Radiata Pine Round Post Fencing

Making choices for the environment and positive climate change

As part of the wood processing industry, we believe in leading the way towards positive climate change with sound environmental choices.

Wood is a great product and our most sustainable building material. During growth, trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as cellulose. The manufacturing of wood products results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing fencing and building products or alternative materials.

We’re also making smart environmental choices, such as using dry wood residues as energy for our production processes, carpooling our staff to and from work in vans, and using the most modern fuel efficient plant available. All our wood residue, such as sawdust and peelings, are used to make other products such as wood pellets, animal bedding or are utilised as boiler fuels to minimise or eliminate waste.