The demand for quality fit-for-purpose CCA treated wood products has led to a high-tech operation for the processing of the humble pine log. We track the peeling, grading, and cutting of logs in real time to ensure visibility of product through manufacturing and to allow us to meet our customers’ timeframes for delivery of product.

The journey of the log to CCA roundwood products

  • Logs are delivered fresh from the forest in long lengths and where required cut to the necessary lengths.
  • Logs are peeled and scanned with the objective of producing consistent clean product.
  • After peeling, the logs are processed further into their finished size, then graded, stacked and bundled.
  • Each bundle, or piece, is given a unique bundle number with a barcode to allow it to be tracked through production and to customers.
  • Product is then dried. Roundwood, pole and pile products are steam dried. Rough sawn Timber rails for H3 treatment are air dried
  • Pine isn't naturally durable, but its durability against insect and fungal attack can be greatly enhanced with preservative. CCA is the most effective and well proven preservative for providing protection in pine products to be used in outdoor applications and is the preservative of choice for PermaPine. Our CCA treated product is guaranteed against insect & fungal attack for a period of 50 years provided it is used for its intended purpose. A copy of our treatment guarantee is provided here.
PermaPine production and wood treatment process