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Fence Battens and Pointed Stakes

Fence Battens

One of the most common types of fencing seen is post, wire and batten (dropper) fencing. Our battens make fences more stock proof. We endeavor to produce battens which are well sized and of good quality and strength.

H4 Pointed Stakes

These are commonly used for staking and supporting plants and young trees, for building projects and light electric fencing.

Batten Features:

  • Pre-packed into mini packs of 10 for ease of laying fence lines
  • Bulk loose packs where cost is key driver in purchase
  • 50 year guarantee against insect & fungal attack
  • Various sizes, profiles and lengths
  • Mainly sapwood which provides higher strength, durability and less prone to twisting

Pointed Stakes Features:

  • Pointed for easy installation
  • H4 treated for ground retention
  • 50 year guarantee against insect and fungal attack
  • Sizes include: 50x40, 50x50, 75x40, 75x50 and 100x50


  • Rural fencing
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Horticulture
  • Building and construction

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