As a natural product, logs have variations in form and quality. Using our manufacturing expertise, technology and comprehensive internal and external quality control processes, you can be assured our products are fit-for-purpose, meet specification, and are ready to stand the test of time.



Quality Feedstock

PermaPine chooses its suppliers carefully and are loyal to these suppliers, many of which have been with us since our inception in 2004. We consider it imperative we deal with suppliers who can provide quality products and feedstock which are necessary to produce quality roundwood and treated timber products. Our suppliers are very much partners in our business.

Product grading

Product is produced to strict quality control, and meets or exceeds the relevant New Zealand standards. Our sizing tends to be generous compared with some other roundwood suppliers as we grade product based on its minimum size, rather than its average size. Assure Quality are engaged to ensure grading is compliant with New Zealand Standards NZS3605.

High-tech ‘knocking on wood’

Luck doesn’t factor into our pole grading processes. Logs are tested with a handheld computer that records the velocity of a sound wave as it travels along the log. This allows us to segregate poles for different end use applications where strength and stiffness are a factor.

Digital accuracy for product wood drying and treatment

For wood products to be well treated they need to be dried to a consistent moisture content. Product is segregated by size for drying to schedules which are temperature controlled. Rigorous internal and external Quality Control measures ensure product is well treated. Operations are audited by Assure Quality to ensure compliance to NZ standards NZS3640.

quality control