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Tapered Poles


PermaPine poles are peeled and have a natural taper, such that the small end diameter (SED) is smaller than the large end.

Pole taper vary but is typically 6-8mm of taper per metre of pole length.

As pole length increases the maximum SED of pole available will reduce due to being limited by the maximum available tree size.

Pole length table.jpg

This is an indication only. Please check on availabilty of larger SED poles.

Debarked "Ugly" Poles

PermaPine debarked poles have been debarked but not peeled.  These poles have more taper than peeled poles and natural swelling around knots.  As a consequence of this, these poles are stronger and have more frictional resistance during piling.


Debarked poles may be an option for piling applications where the pole will not be visible.


Debarked “Ugly” poles are made to order not sold from stock.


Note: Debarked “Ugly Poles” are available in H5 or H6. Minimum order quantities are required.















Machine Rounded Poles

PermaPine Machine Round have no taper and every pole is uniform sized. These poles are used in applications where a consistent appearance is required.


Note: A Machine Rounded Pole of the same SED as a tapered pole will have less strength than tapered poles.





Smaller diameters are not available at longer lengths. Diameters larger than 200mm are available on request.











Utility (Power) Poles

PermaPine produces a range of power poles for the domestic and international markets.

Poles can be shaped, disced, and capped with aluminium caps to meet specific requests.
















Marine Poles

Where poles or treated timber are used in a marine or estuary application they must be H6 treated.  H6 poles are made to order and require a lead time to manufacture.


Each treatment batch of H6 poles will have core samples taken and analysed in an independent laboratory.  Once lab results have confirmed the H6 product meets the appropriate treatment standard NZS3640, the product can be despatched.


The PermaPine warranty provided by our chemical supplier, Lonza covers H3,H4, and H5 treated products. Due to the environment, H6 products are installed in this product and is not covered by our treatment warranty. Every H6 treatment charge is sampled and analysed in an external laboratory for compliance to NZS3640. A copy of the lab results showing compliance to NZS3640 for the H6 product is available on request. 


If these lab results are required, these should be requested within 2 weeks of product delivery.












High Density Poles

High density peeled and natural “ugly” poles are available on request.

Uni Pole sizes table.jpg
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