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Our Products

Bollard stack UT
pointed round stk_edited
house Piles
round load
Half Round Railing 4
poles 2
SelfLok 12


  • Post and Strainers

  • Battens and Stakes

  • Pony Jump Rails

  • Landscape Uni Rounds



  • Naturally Tapered Poles

  • Utility (power poles)

  • Marine Poles

  • Uni (machined) Poles up to 200mm 

  • Debarked (ugly not peeled)



  • Rough sawn timber rails 

  • Half round machined rails

  • Larger cross sections of outdoor


  • H6 Timber

  • Speciality products such as sheep


  • Kiwifruit stringer poles 50x50mm

       in Douglas Fir and Radiata


Square House Piles & Anchor Piles  


SelfLok Pole Fencing



Our Services


Please note we also have available . . .


Pointed roundwood and pointed small diameter poles up to 5.4m.

Larger diameter Machine Rounded poles on request.

Through our transport partners, we also have peel and sawdust available for animal bedding.





  • We offer custom steaming and treating

  • We are an MPI approved organisation for phytosanitary inspection

  • We are an MPI approved "Transitional Facility" allowing PermaPine to import sawn timber, roundwood and poles

  • Our timber remanufacturing plant offers custom cutting to length (CTL) capability for timber products.

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