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Safety of Wood Preservatives

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Health and Safety


PermaPine Tanalised® roundwood is safe to use and handle. This has been assessed and confirmed by the Environmental Risk Management Authority of New Zealand. 


•    PermaPine recommend washing of hands before eating or smoking after handling treated                         wood product. 


    PermaPine recommend use of dust masks when cutting or machining treated timber products. 


•    Do not burn offcuts and left over pieces in confined spaces  in home heating,  for 

      cooking food or in pasture where livestock may ingest ash.


•    Treated offcuts can generally be disposed of in landfills. If unsure check with your local landfill

      prior to disposal.


•    Treated sawdust peel or shavings should not be used as garden mulch or animal litter or bedding

Hazzard Guide

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